Sourcing the most relevant traffic to your website.



Sourcing the most relevant
traffic to your website.

Website Search Engine Optimisation

We have been practicing the alleged “magical art” of website SEO for many years, and actually, it’s a lot more scientific than you might think! Our SEO services will improve your website ranking in Google and help create an effective SEO campaign for your business. We will help you drive relevant traffic to your website instead of increasing your website ranking for keywords that few will ever search.

Presenting your website to Google

Website Optimisation

It's essential to optimise your site for the keyword/phrases most relevant to your business and where ranking is achievable.

• Category structure and architecture, URL configuration and length
• Product page and image optimisation (tagging)
• XML sitemap & robots.txt
• Google structured data implementation
• Google Tag Manager (GTM) both data layer and triggers
• Google analytics automated reporting
• Website backlinks (disavow toxic links)

Keeping an expert eye on your website

Website Audit

Below are a few of the areas we touch while carrying out a website audit.

• Full website audit review of title tags and meta descriptions
• Review of keyword/phrase usage
• Duplicate content and plagiarism
• Domain authority and backlink audit
• Page SEO & website links, 404 pages
• Sitemap and robots.txt

A few things for Google

Optimisation for Google

Without a doubt, Google is the most popular search engine (although this does not mean that we forget the others, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo,,, etc.).

Below are some factors we take into consideration for Google:

• Google structured data, robots.txt
• Sitemap.xml (images and pages)
• Language meta-tagging
• Mobile page UX & PageSpeed
• Code optimisation (JavaScript & CSS compression)
• Google Shopping feeds

Customers and Search engines prefer quick sites

Page Speed Analysis

We have the skills to ensure the fast delivery of each of your webpages; a few key factors are displayed below:

• Waterfall analysis and mobile optimisation
• CDN – content delivery network
• Server architecture review
• Google's opinion of your site speed
• Page caching (AMP Pages)


Our first step is to undertake an SEO audit of your website to gain a better understanding of what you want to achieve from your SEO strategy. Based on this information, we will create a transparent website SEO campaign, including keyword research, content, website optimisation, and analytical reporting.

Helping your customers find you easily

Google My Business

Google My Business is a product offered by Google to give your customers more ways to reach you. Google My Business will help your customers find out what products and services you provide and allows you to share your location and your contact details. It is essential for any business to get the listing accurate and we can help with this.

• Securing your "Google My Business" listing
• Right category selection to help SEO
• Specialist image optimisation and upload service
• Contact details and opening hours
• Accurate Google maps position
• Managing and responding to reviews

Putting your business in front of potential customers

Remarketing and Affiliates

There are many simple and cost-effective techniques of engaging and staying engaged with both potential and existing customers, a few methods listed below:

• Google/Bing remarketing
• Google Shopping
• Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ads
• Scheduled email campaigns

The importance of high-quality content

Creating Engaging Website Content

The importance of writing high-quality, relevant content is vital for both users viewing the site as well as informing the search engines of the page subject matter. We specialise in creating the correct page structure for your content from positioning the relevant H1, H2, H3, H4 tags, to accurate placement and tagging of images, page links, and paragraph positioning.

We also understand how to optimise copy through correct usage of keywords, related terms, synonyms, keywords phrases.

Creating a partnership enables the creation of an easily deliverable content strategy. We can assist with copywriters and photography, and we even have our own in-house photographic studio to help with high-quality imagery. We also have the necessary tools to ensure minimum plagiarism and duplicate content on your website.

Technically optimising for different devices

Code optimisation

While ensuring the readability of the website content alongside correct page structure, tagging, and meta descriptions, the architecture of code quality mustn't be overlooked.

Code quality affects the usability and speed of the website; page speed is one of Google's key ranking factors within their algorithm. Regardless of what platform your site is developed with, we can help optimise the code, ensuring the correct content load sequence, compression of files, and the removal of unnecessary code from the codebase.

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