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Integrating SAP with other systems

Connecting processes, data, people and devices with third-party SAP  integrations

While the SAP software provides extensive features ‘out of the box’, third-party software providers offer functionalities that will further enhance website performance and help increase your business conversion. Third-party integrations offer many benefits for your store such as providing multiple payment options, analytics, customisation, and much more.

SAP Commerce Cloud structure enables seamless integration with other software providers without affecting the core codebase while benefiting from the exciting SAP development roadmap.

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Considering all business touch points

RA Creative’s knowledge gained through experience with numerous integrations helps your business integrate SAP with other systems quickly and within budget.

Our deep understanding allows us to see things from the business, customer and the Commerce Cloud developer’s point of view when embarking on any integration. This ensures an increase in functionality without losing any of the core features, as well as the implementation of the best journey for the customer and development in line with SAP Commerce Cloud coding standards.

  • Extensive experience with most third-party tools
  • Ability to think like the business and the customer
  • Automated third-party SAP integration testing knowledge
  • Accurate technical module connection while keeping the customer journey at the forefront of design
  • Fully managed, timed delivery of the project
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Going Direct To Paypal

Integrating paypal with THE SAP Software

PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods on any e-commerce website. It enables the user a quick and straightforward payment method without inputting their billing and shipping details.

Direct integration allows for all customer data, transaction details, and any SAP required information to be collected and passed through with the order, and at the same time, providing easier reconciliation.

PayPal offers many payment options such as interest-free credit, pay over time or PayPal wallet. Correct integration is essential to gain the most benefit from this payment method.

Increase the sales of high ticket item

integrating V12 Retail Finance with SAP

The V12 integration offers a multi-channel finance application for all user devices. V12 administers retail finance loans on behalf of Secure Trust Bank PLP, which operates as a lender within the loan process.

Their offer includes one-click ID verification and e-signature, fast credit decisions, real-time management information, and more.

Presenting the various finance offers within the customer journey is crucial to increasing your website’s sales while maintaining easy catalogue management and order flow within the business process.

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SAP Google Analytics integration

Integrating Google Analytics with SAP

Correct integration of Google Analytics provides essential data to help define an incredible customer journey, understand where a visitor may be struggling to find what they are looking for and determine if they have any difficulty in navigating through the checkout.

This data helps you effectively A/B test your website to determine which version makes the most impact. Doing this helps modify the journey accordingly to help users locate relevant information, which as a result, leads to an increase in sales and visitor traffic to your website.

We can help ensure that all four levels that include user-level, session-level, pageview level and event-level, are implemented correctly so you can make the most out of the Google Analytics tool.

Offering more to your customers

integrating Wells Fargo with SAP

Wells Fargo is a US-based financial services company that provides businesses with credit card and payment processing solutions.

RA Creative can help you get the most out of Wells Fargo in order to enhance your business process. From credit and debit cards to bespoke store cards, we have the skill to connect the payment method of your choice.

A correct configuration provides an easy and intelligent high-converting journey for the customer, as well as the ability to capture all transaction data and business KPIs.

The geolocation API

Integrating Woosmap with SAP

Woosmap provides accurate Geolocation API for websites and mobile applications.

Benefits of integrating with Woosmap include the real-time geo-targeting of users and multiple customisation features that enhance business performance. Accurate integration can maintain an excellent customer experience and, at the same time, reduce your location API spend.

The power of multiple payment options

Integrating Adyen with SAP

Adyen is an omnichannel payment processing company providing merchants with multiple methods to accept payments.

Choosing the correct integration method with SAP Commerce Cloud enables merchants to accept credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and many other payment options for their business.

Here at RA Creative, we focus on what is best for the customer and ensure we cater for many different payment types, promotions and gifts, along with the option to exclude products per payment type while still maintaining a high converting journey. Our integration ensures scalability and upgradeability of the technical aspects of the coding.

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