What Is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer Experience (CX) is the sum of all interactions your customers have with your products, services, website and brand. It includes your customer service teams via online chat rooms, phone and email communications, your fulfilment and delivery services, your search engine rankings and website content – in short it affects every single touchpoint with your company. It is the resulting impression your customers walk away with. It turns the prospective website visitors into actual customers.


Setting The Objective

At the start of each project we work with you to assess what you want to achieve. We then use this information to set clear project objectives to ensure we make informed decisions throughout.

Whether your key focus is on selling products or services, increasing brand visibility, conducting online surveys, or receiving online quotation requests – we can work with you to develop a customer experience that will help you reach your ultimate goals.


Barebones UX (User Experience)

The next step is to create a primary user journey, which will be the foundation on which to build on to achieve your objectives:
RA Creative will use analytics to determine the current position of your page/website. We will build wireframes, take into consideration SEO page optimisation and ensure the customer has all the relevant data to make an informed decision. We will then walk you through the wireframe journey in a workshop to further review and refine the journey.


Applying The Design And Branding

Once the journeys have been defined, RA Creative will apply the website design and branding. Our in-house team will ensure your website is a true reflection of your brand values and provides a seamless customer experience, whilst simultaneously converting visitors into actual customers.


Monitoring Site Performance

Continuously monitoring the page/website for optimal website performance is essential. We use analytics to identify increases and decreases in drop off rates and use AB testing to evaluate multiple concepts. We then analyse the outcomes and apply effective solutions to ensure your website performs at its best, always.


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