Top Website Design Trends For 2022 – By RA Creative

The challenging times we live in have deeply influenced the web design scene. Following a huge cultural shift and transformation to digital, the demand for attractive web design services is higher than ever. In addition to this, the launch of the Page Experience update by Google has kept the designers very busy. Web makers are required to put a greater emphasis on load speed, user experience, safe browsing and visual stability or their Google ranking could be compromised.

A good web designer will be able to gather industry and customer behaviour research data to get a steer in the right direction. By using these principles, they will create an effective website design for you and your customers. Standing out amongst huge competition can be challenging. Right now is the perfect time for bold experimentation to create a memorable customer experience. The last thing you need is a drop in conversions caused by the lack of interest in your website.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the most interesting website design trends for 2022. We will explore the ideas we can expect more of moving forwards and look at some inspiring examples of innovative technologies.

1. User Experience

User experience refers to everything surrounding a user’s interaction with the website. A successful design leads to a positive impression, which is what your business should strive towards. Easy to use website that puts an emphasis on efficiency and functionality provides a pleasant experience for its visitors.

In 2021, Google announced the metrics responsible for measuring site speed and user experience would now be a part of the core Google algorithm. Since then, websites are expected to put more emphasis on things like load speed, device usability, safe browsing and cut down on intrusive pop up ads. Not taking these important factors into consideration will result in a negative impact on your rankings.

Google is set on becoming more user-centric in the upcoming future. Usability, speed and seamless customer journey will continue to play a big part in modern designs, so it’s essential you accommodate for them.

2. Mobile-First 

Mobile devices have become a dominant part of the tech industry and contribute to approximately half of the overall web traffic. Since 2016, mobile users continue to outnumber desktop users.

Mobile-first is an approach in which web designers plan content for mobile device users before working up to larger screen sizes. Designing for small screens before everything else helps create a better user experience by focusing on the core idea of your product/service without distracting yourself with additional elements. Once done, you can add extra features for bigger screens to compliment the foundation of your product.

mobile first design

3. Motion

Web designers are embracing animation in their projects, making the elements ‘come to life’. When it comes to movement, the possibilities are endless. From micro animations in hero banners to animated logos and retro graphics. Motion adds an element of fun to your web design, which will help your website stand out from your competition.

Motion features became very useful with eCommerce website design ever since physical retail shifted online. Being able to show how the product comes to life when used by a human model could be a huge asset to your business.

4. Interactive Design And Multimedia

Interactive design is a great way to engage visitors with your site and ultimately get to know them better. The ability to click, drag and swipe prompts interest in something unknown, triggering the need to play around in order to learn how it works. Take a look at the Puppy Love website example which uses features that are customisable by the customer.

One of the most intriguing trends right now is narrative visualisation that comes in the scroll and read style. Being the natural user behaviour, scrolling gives creatives opportunities to come up with unique experiences for their visitors. You can check out this exciting and innovative trend on the Apple Airpod’s Pro page to see it in action.

Interactive design creates a memorable experience for your visitors. It’s a step towards future innovation that can play a big part in empowering your business.

5. Big And Bold Typography

Big and bold fonts are stealing the show this year. Designers have the freedom to experiment without limits using different sizes, gradients, shapes and fills to make something incredible come together. In this case, text becomes part of the graphic and immediately makes it stand out.

Some websites go as far as replacing all images on their homepage with typography of different formats. Opting for this approach can create a striking first impression given it’s done well and in line with your business style.

The choice of a suitable typography style can prove overwhelming at first, but browsing through a selection of the latest trends can provide a valuable guide to help you make a start. Check out the examples below to see how different companies make use of typography on their sites:

bold typography design

6. Dark Mode

Dark colour schemes are the most astonishing trends of the year. The severe lack of colour shifts user focus to design detail. Dark mode designs are creative and modern. At the same time, they bend the standard rules making them challenging to work with. It’s important to consider the context and ensure the theme works well with the purpose of the website.

Despite the title, not everything on the page needs to be black and white. You can use the colour to highlight the most important touchpoints and CTA’s for your business, making them stand out from everything else.


So there you have it – our own spin on the introduction to trends we expect to influence the web design scene in the upcoming months and years to come.

The future is now and it’s the perfect time to introduce modern solutions on your website. It’s important to keep it relevant to your niche and ensure your website features aren’t overwhelming. There is a fine line between intriguing and off putting so it’s essential you know how to draw it. But most importantly – have fun with it!

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